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Heating Bill Help from Allegheny Power

Allegheny Power has several assistance programs available for Maryland families to help them pay their energy and heating bills. Communication is the key. Customers need to call the utility company as soon as possible if there is a problem paying or if they think they may have trouble.

Among the options and programs available to customers are:

Community Energy Fund - This provides assistance and cash grants to qualifying customers who need emergency help paying an electric or heating bill.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services - Get free advice and counseling. This option is available and it will serve as liaison between the customer and the customer’s creditors. The assistance program provides budget and debt counseling, a supervised debt management and credit program as well as suspension of penalty and interest charges on unpaid bills and debt for customers overburdened with their bills.

Utility Service Protection Plan - This is a federally sponsored assistance program that is administered by Maryland to provide payment assistance to low-income as well as moderate income customers for fuel bills.

Third Party Designation - Allows a customer to designate a relative, friend, neighbor, charity, or social service agency to receive a disconnection notice if the customer is ill or away.

Bill Extender Plan - This options was designed for those individuals who receive Social Security or federal government pension benefits or assistance. The program may be able to adjust the due date of heating and electric bills to coincide with the arrival of monthly benefit checks from the government.

For assistance help, Allegheny Power’s customer service center can be reached at 800-255-3443





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