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American Electric Power Ohio offers customer several assistance programs, including the Neighbor to Neighbor utility and heating bill assistance program.

The Neighbor to Neighbor fund and assistance program was created as a emergency fund of last resort that will help customers whose income is at or below 200 percent of the federal government poverty level. The fund will help customers restore their heating and/or electric service if it has been turned off.

Both existing AEP customer and the Dollar Energy Fund donate and contribute to the program. American Electric Power Ohio will also match these contributions.

The program is changing slightly this year. In previous years the program has given grants and money to those AEP customers who have received a disconnect notice. However, this year, the program is available only to those who have a $100 balance on their heating or utility bill and only if they have applied for other utility bill assistance and if they have had their electricity turned off.

So people who have been faced with a disconnect notice do have options. One of the main options for those people who are at risk for getting their utilities or heating service shut off is the Home Energy Assistance Program. This program will help Ohioans whose total household income is at or below 200 percent of the federal government poverty level pay their winter heating bills.

In addition, another component of the HEAP program is the Winter Crisis Program. This will provide Emergency HEAP aid, in the form of one-time financial assistance and grants, to those households that have a disconnection notice, are disconnected, or have 10 days or less of fuel or heating oil left.

If someone wants to apply for the Neighbor to Neighbor fund, these AEP customers must have applied for both HEAP and Emergency HEAP aid before they are eligible for the Neighbor to Neighbor program. Licking County residents can apply for both HEAP and Emergency HEAP at LEADS Community Action Agency.

In addition, it is important to note that American Electric Power Ohio also offers other kinds of aid and grants to prevent customers from having their electricity or heating service shut off, including the Percentage of Income Payment Plan. This plan will allows customer the ability to pay a heating bill based on their monthly income.

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