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North Shore Gas LIHEAP program

North Shore Gas has started to notifying low and middle income eligible customers about the early application period for the federal LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). People need to apply before the winter season starts. The heating bill assistance program provides cash grants to help lower income customers pay for their heating and energy bills. The program is currently administered in Lake County by the Community Action Partnership of Lake County. Contact them to apply and fore more information.

They are doing what they can to publicize the program. North Shore Gas is launching its advertising campaign to help all customers prepare for the upcoming heating season. They are taking a variety of steps to advertise the program, and the campaign will include phone calls, letters, post cards, heating fairs, and also the company's annual Team HEAT initiative which is being rolled out to weatherize homes of low-income customers, and help them reduce their heating bills.

People can apply in phases. Initially seniors and people with disabilities can apply. Then North Shore Gas households who have received disconnected gas service may apply for LIHEAP, beginning Oct. 1.

While the prices of heating fuel and oil has decreased in recent months, the utility is still encouraging customers to sign up for the Budget Payment Plan to help manage the paying of their heating bills year-round. What this program does is it spreads annual payments for their bills more evenly over the entire year to help customers budget for their utility payments and people do not need to worry about bills spiking from one month to another. They can budget better. In addition to this plan, the company urges all residents to review and consider ways to reduce energy usage which will, in turn, help manage heating costs and lower their bills.

To apply for the program and to find the location of the closest LIHEAP application site, North Shore Gas customers can call the Community Action Partnership of Lake County at 1-847-249-4330. They manage the local program. Customers can also visit

There are some conditions and needed materials, as to apply for a LIHEAP cash grant, customers must have proof of their household income, a copy of their heating and/or utility bill and they need to have the social security numbers for everyone who lives in the household. Customers may be eligible for a grant to help with their heating bill if their income is 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


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