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Piedmont Natural Gas heating bill assistance programs

Customers who are struggling with paying their utility and heating bills can take advantage of several assistance programs offered by Piedmont Natural Gas. Some of the options that North Carolina Customers have include:

Share the Warmth Round Up - This is an assistance program where low-income customers and others can get some short term help for their bills. Customers need to apply for help, and they will receive funds on a case by case basis.

The program is funded by customer and local business donations, with matching contributions from Piedmont Natural Gas. For people who donate to the program, Share the Warmth can help their neighbors in need within their own communities by rounding up their monthly natural gas bill to the nearest whole dollar amount. One hundred percent of what people donate and the amount rounded up goes into our Share the Warmth Fund which is then used to provide emergency energy and heating bill assistance to those who most need help the most in North Carolina communities.

Piedmont Natural Gas Equal Payment Plan (EPP) - This is another option that people have. Piedmont also provides its customers with a way to spread out their winter heating bills and expenses over the entire calendar year through the Company's Equal Payment Plan (EPP). This will allow them to easier budget and pay for their heating bill expenses. What this means is that customers can spread their annual natural gas bill into 11 equal payments that will be based on their previous year's consumption and then in the 12th month, a one true-up payment will occur. This assistance plan is particularly suited for those customers who may be living on a fixed income and who also desire more consistency in their monthly utility of heating bill. The Company estimates that only 10 percent of its customers are currently on the EPP plan, but more people could take advantage of this.

Payment arrangement - On a case by case basis, Piedmont may offer certain customers with negotiated payment plans. You will need to call them and ask about your options.

Piedmont also has numerous tips and ways for people to lower their energy bills. Customers are strongly encouraged to visit Piedmont's website for more information about the Equal Payment Plan, the Share the Warmth Round Up program, payment plans, and numerous other energy conservation ideas and tips.



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