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Charities and other organization can also provide you heating bill assistance and help.

If you are one of the many Americans who do not qualify for LIHEAP, if you have contacted your utility company to ask for help, and if you have taking the other steps mentioned here, if after all this, you still need help with paying heating bills, there are other resources. You may also explore some ways to make extra money from the comfort of your home, which can help with paying heating bills.

There may be local organizations or networks that can help. These assistance programs and funds can be generous. Usually Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, and Lutheran Services operate fuel funds for people in need of help with paying their heating bills.

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You can also check with the National Fuel Funds Network for additional, supplementary funds. This network receives contributions from numerous private sector companies. Nonprofit and utility companies, which are members, raise over $100 million a year. There are no standard eligibility requirements. In some cases, you will be eligible for this assistance program if your gas, heating system, or electric service is in danger of being cut off.


As an example of these other organizations aid, the Salvation Army will typically provide food, clothing, heating bill assistance and counseling. The case workers at the Family Emergency Services unit of the Salvation Army will also help prevent homelessness through crisis intervention.

American Red Cross - Most branches of the American Red Cross will provide help and assistance for paying utility and heating bills. Also, the American Red Cross provides service to those who serve in the military, they provide disaster assistance, health and safety classes and they also provide other community services. The services provided depend on the consumers need, and the Red Cross must always keep funds in reserve available for emergencies.

Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program Provides Free Heating Oil
This program is one of the most effective organizations or charities to help you during the cold winter months. Free heating oil is provided through a network of thousands of local fuel assistance agencies and also heating oil dealers in 17 states. You can be eligible for this heating bill assistance program if you live in AK, CT, DC, DE, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, or WI. Learn more.

Operation Round Up
This is a charity / assistance organization that many utility and gas companies across the nation participate in. Funds are used to assist families and individuals with heating bills, utility bills, and aid can be used for other reasons as well, including medical expenses, food aid, clothing, shelter, and many other reasons.

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Salvation Army, Family Emergency Services - The Salvation Army will also provide for help with paying utility and heating bills. The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services will provide a "safety net" to anyone who needs help with paying heating bills if they have nowhere else to turn to. The Salvation Army will provide assistance in the form of clothing, food, utility bill help and also counseling. You should call your local Salvation Army Chapter for more information on charity services they offer.

United Way - Many utilities companies offer help , assistance, and support to customers to help them pay their heating bills. These utility companies vary often out source the administration of the assistance program to the United Way. Please contact you local United Way office to see if they are aware of any support provided by your utility provider.





Colorado - Energy Outreach Colorado
This assistance program in Colorado is dedicated to the efficient delivery of cost-effective energy assistance, energy conservation, as well as energy education to lower income households. This help will allow them to maintain their self-sufficiency and well being.

Indiana - Winter Assistance Fund Program
This United Way managed fund provides help to those in Indiana with heating bills.

An assistance program that is managed by the Des Moines Register and it helps Iowans who need immediate financial assistance and if those families are not able to receive help through any other existing aid programs.




Michigan - The Heat and Warmth Fund
This assistance program provides emergency energy assistance and heating bill help to lower income families, individuals, and also senior citizens throughout the state of Michigan who may be in danger of losing their heat or electricity service.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia - $1 Energy Fund
This charity program for these states partners with about 17 utility companies across New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. This program provides aid to people in need of affording safe and adequate utilities.

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