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Energy Outreach Colorado can provide assistance

If you are one of the many who is seeking help paying your heating bills between May 1 and October 31, or if you are not eligible for assistance under the LEAP program, or if you have already received LEAP and need additional help, then you can get assistance with heating bills directly from Energy Outreach Colorado on a year-round basis. To qualify for this help program, you must have a past-due balance on your utility or heating bill. The fund provides millions of dollars in assistance funds to a Charitable Energy Network that is made up of more than 135 emergency assistance sites across the state.

They also provide a program to help save on your heating bills, offering a home weatherization program. Over 60,000 residents have used this program since 1976. This assistance program  provides free energy audits as well as energy efficient upgrades to households that meet the programs guidelines. Benefits of the weatherization program include lowering your heating and utility bills by approximately 20%, with one in four homes in Colorado saving almost 40%. You will also experience reduced energy consumption, as well as increased overall comfort and safety in your home.




Property Tax, Rent, and Heat Rebate
An aid and heating bill assistance program that is operated through the Colorado Department of Revenue, and it allows for tax rebates for home heating bill payments to residents at least 65 years old, the disabled, and surviving spouses at least 58 years old.

Energy $avings Partnership Program
This heating bill assistance program provides free energy efficiency services to income-eligible customers, disabled, and seniors. Services provided can include an energy audit, wall, attic, and crawl space insulation, air leakage reduction, forced air efficiency assessment, appliance safety inspections, high efficiency lighting surveys and other safety inspections.

Colorado Springs Utilities - Home Efficiency Assistance Program (HEAP) is a partnership with the Energy Resource Center. The HEAP program provides water and energy efficiency measures, as well as conservation education for customers with household incomes at or below 225 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Measures provided include air sealing, insulation, energy efficient light bulbs, low flow toilets and faucets, as well as furnace repair or replacement.

Energy Resource Center - ERC
The Energy Resource Center offers free insulation and furnace services (repair/replacement), and home weatherization to low-income families. More.

Energy Outreach Colorado - Heating Bill Utility Assistance Program distributes energy and heating bill assistance dollars and grants year round, in partnership with almost 80 community-based organizations. The grants will provide emergency fuel bill assistance for Colorado's lower income households that are facing an energy bill crisis.

Aquila - Aquila Cares supports local weatherization services including caulking, weather stripping, and other energy conservation actions

Atmos Energy - Sharing the Warmth provides donations from Colorado customers to help people pay their gas bills. Learn more.





City of Boulder - The Energy Efficiency Program provides energy saving measures.

City of Fountain - Lighten the Load provides heating bill payment aid, but it is limited to $150 once per year for electricity, water, or wastewater. Must have disconnect notice in order to get aid.

City of Longmont and Colorado Springs Utility Company - They run the COPE aid program which offers utility and heating bill payment assistance.

City of Loveland Water and Power Department - This program, the Help a Neighbor in Distress (HAND), helps qualified Colorado residents with avoiding a loss of heating service due to an unpaid bill.

Fort Collins Utilities offers a REACH (Residential Energy Assistance Through Community Help) aid program that will help residents with free weatherization services and also the Utilities Payment Assistance Fund which helps customers who receive a heating service shot off notice.

Delta Montrose Electric Association, Mountain Parks Electric, Inc, Mountain View Electric Association, Inc., Yampa Valley Electric - Offer Operation Round Up. Operation Round Up is an assistance program for Colorado families that will help pay heating bills, as well as other bills such as medical, or even rent.


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