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Columbia Gas Heating Bill Assistance Programs

Columbia Gas of Ohio offers several payment options and plans for customers who are struggling in today’s weak economy and who will need help with paying their winter heating bills. If you are an Ohio residents who has had their service turned off, or if you are in danger of having your heating service turned off, then consider these resources and payment plans.

Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP): If you live in a household and your total income is at or less than 150 percent of federal poverty income guidelines, you may be able to pay just 10 percent of your total monthly income for your heating and gas bill year-round. So the total amount to pay on your heating bill will be maximized.

Partial Payment Plans: If you are a Columbia Gas of Ohio customer and you feel that you may have a problem with paying your heating bills this winter, the Partial Payment Plan is a resource to consider that allows you to pay one one-third or one-sixth of your heating bill. It is a payment plan that can make bills easier to handle during the winter.

Fuel Funds: Columbia Gas of Ohio will always encourage to contact their local HEAP agency, which is usually a community action agency, to see if their are grants from the Fuel Funds program that may still be available for assistance. The HEAP funds were created to assist low and moderate income households with incomes between 175 and 200-percent of the federal poverty level. Funds from the program are available until they are all distributed.

E-HEAP: This is a program that begins November 1, and it is for qualified low-income customers. Customers are eligible for the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program, or E-HEAP. Grants can be used to pay the $175 reconnection fee for your gas or heating bills.

Heating Bill or Gas Payment Plan: Time is still available for customers to enroll in Columbia Gas’s Budget Payment Plan program. This is a program that allows households to “spread” their winter heating bills  across the entire year. There are a few enrollment options, and they include enrolling online or calling Columbia Gas.

Weatherization Program WarmChoice - The WarmChoice program is a weatherization assistance program that is available for lower-income Columbia Gas of Ohio customers. Weatherization services provided can include high-efficiency furnaces, insulation, and air sealing.





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