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Heating bill help from ComEd Helping Hand program

Commonwealth Edison has launched a program to help people pay their heating bills. It is known as the Helping Hand program. It is a shorter term effort that will pay up to one half of the unpaid balances for those ComEd customers who are facing a recent or pending service suspension because of a financial hardship. The hardship can be caused by a medical emergency, job loss, a reduction in work hours, or something else.

The assistance program will run until the funding runs out. So far, up to $1 million has been committed and the money will be made available from ComEd’s customer assistance funds. If you apply and are found to be qualified, those residential customers who pay 50 percent of the outstanding balance on their bill can receive a credit from ComEd for the remaining 50 percent. So in effect both the customer and ComEd will split the amount that is due. To be eligible for aid, customers must have received a disconnection notice within the past 120 days and of course they must have experienced a medical or financial hardship.

The goal of the Helping Hand program is to provide struggling customers with a one-time opportunity to catch up on their bills. It is for customers that are most affected by the economic downturn. The program will help those people who are facing a special hardship, and it will allow them to keep their heat and/or power on. It will also help them regain the ability to successfully manage their electricity and heating bills in the future.

If you are interested in learning more or applying, customers can sign up for ComEd Helping Hand by calling 888-806-2273 or by contacting their local community action agency.

Even if you turn out to not be qualified for the Helping Hand program, customers can also get information on eligibility for other assistance programs that may be able to help them in their situation. Some other options include a one-time hardship grant that can be used to pay a bill, information on the LIHEAP program, weatherization, and more.



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