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It is surprising how many people do not compare heating oil prices. One survey done by the Hartford Courant analyzed dozens of accounts and e-mails that were received from people who did not realize that they were paying hundreds of dollars more for their heating oil than the going rate.

For example, one heating oil vendor, Automatic TLC, put its customers in a plan that sounded like a great deal. And it was a great deal, for Automatic TLC. The company, which is located in East Hartford and is a division of HOP Energy, sent letters to thousands of its customers last summer telling them that they are now in its "Preferred Payment Plan." The plan stated that customers would never have to pay more than a capped amount for their heating oil, and if the price of oil went down, so would their heating bills.

Then the price of heating oil plummeted, and Automatic's price did not. The lowest price that the families on the "preferred" plan recently paid was $2.99 a gallon, even though oil is now down to the low $2.00’s per gallon.




What is surprising from the study is most customers did not compare heating oil prices with other vendors, prices advertised in newspapers or heating oil prices available on websites. Many people said they assumed that their heating oil company would deal straight and fair with them.

As one example, on Dec. 4, a family in Connecticut was billed $3.099 a gallon, and in late January they were paying $3.299 a gallon for oil, at a time when others were paying around $2.

What this study has shown is that many people do not take the time to shop for or compare heating oil prices. If they do not do this, then they may very well be paying too much. Research and contact various suppliers to ensure you are receiving the best price. It is simple to do, and will help you save on your heating bills.



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