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Connecticut Winter Protection Plan

This program was instated by Connecticut to help prevent heating service disconnections during the winter months. The Connecticut Department of Public Utilities regulates the Winter Protection Plan, however individual utility and gas companies throughout the state process applications for the program. So you will need to contact your utility company to apply for help.

There are several conditions in order to be found to be eligible.  If you apply and meet the Winter Protection Plan’s conditions, families and individuals can be protected against heating service shut-offs between 11/1 and 5/1 of each and every year. There are some utility and gas companies that will also protect hardship cases from non heat related utility shutoffs as well throughout the year. It is important to note that gas and electric utilities can’t ever be shut off or disconnected for lack of paying bills if not having power or the benefits of heat creates a life-threatening situation for the customer.

Gas companies that operate in Connecticut cannot terminate their heating service to people who do not pay heir gas or heating bills, or so called hardship cases during the winter period of November 1 to May 31. That being said, these companies can refuse to reinstate or turn back on service for hardship customers if there has been a shut off between May 2 to October 31.





Criteria to be eligible for Winter Protection Plan

Some of the terms and criteria for the program include:

  • Utility customers who are the head of their household and if the individual is unemployed if the household income during the preceding 12 months below a certain threshold.
  • Families or individuals who lack the money or resources to pay their heating bill and who also receive state, city, or federal government financial assistance for heating service, and/or Medicaid.
  • Customers who have a limited income, and if their sole source of income is Unemployment Compensation, Social Security, or Veterans Administration funds.
  • Customers who are facing a medical emergency, have high medical bills, who are seriously ill or who have a household member who is seriously ill
  • Utility or gas customers in Connecticut whose circumstances, if they needed to pay a large heating or gas bill, would threaten deprivation of food, health care and other necessities of life if payment of a delinquent heating bill is required by the utility company.

Contact your utility or gas company and ask about the Connecticut Winter Protection Plan.




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