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Duquesne Light can help with heating bills

There are three primary ways to get help paying heating bills from Duquesne Light. They include LIHEAP, Customer Assistance Program, as well as Stay Warm. Learn about each of these services below.

Duquesne Customer Assistance Program - Low income customers that can’t pay their heating or utility bill can get help from this program. The goal is to help customers get back on track and eventually make timely and on time payments. It can prevent a disconnection of heating service, reduce a customers monthly bills, and forgive past unpaid heating bills. In addition, receive information and so called “education” services for how to reduce your energy bills in the future.

Stay warm - This can help low income customer and seniors pay their heating bills during the cold Pennsylvania winters. The program credit each qualified account with a one-time payment or cash grant of up to $150 and, with a successful application for a Dollar Energy Fund grant, will reconnect all customers in this category to ensure they keep their heating service on. In addition, Duquesne Light’s grant of $150 for the bill will allow these customers to access additional LIHEAP/Crisis and Dollar Energy Fund grants from either the federal government or local non-profits.

LIHEAP - This is the federal government grant program for paying winter heating bills. Money can be used to pay bills from about November to March, and emergency grants can be applied for to stop a disconnection of service.

Duquesne Light’s CARES - This program is a partnership with local community action agencies, non-profits, and social service agencies in the service territory. It will assist customers and allow them to obtain financial assistance from necessary social service groups.

Dollar Energy Fund - Helps pay heating and energy bills for Duquesne Light limited income and fixed income customers. It is run by a charity type agency and can assist individuals and families across the state. This particular resource assists with paying heating and energy bills that are no longer manageable by the customer in question. It is a grant program.

Dial Duquesne Light at 412-393-7100.



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