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Colorado Energy Resource Center

The Energy Resource Center is an United Way funded agency. It administers several programs that can help people pay their heating bills, as well as save money on energy bills from energy conservation and weatherization programs.

Grants for paying heating bills - A couple state and federal government programs can help people pay their monthly heating and energy bills. The programs that are available are the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP), Home Energy Assistance (see below) as well as programs directly from energy companies. In addition, from time to time additional funding may be available from a variety of sources and organizations.

Furnace repairs/tune ups - Get help from an experienced technician who will, for free, tune up and/or repair your furnace, if it is needed. It can make your heating unit more efficient.

Weatherization - This is a federal government program that is free to qualified homeowners and individuals. It can help people save hundreds of dollars per year on their winter heating bills. Among some of the improvements offered to Colorado homeowners include a blower door, insulation, minor home repairs, caulking, and more. Many technicians work closely with the Energy Resource Center.

Home Energy Assistance Program - This is a grant program that low income, the elderly, and working poor may qualify for. It will provide direct financial assistance to help people pay their heating bills during the cold Colorado winters. Funds will be paid directly to the utility company, and not to the applicant to the program.

Information - One of the main benefits of non-profits like the Energy Resource Center is the extensive information they can provide to struggling individuals. A counselor can refer people to local charities, government programs, churches, and other non-profit organizations. All of these different groups are committed to offering services to those in need of help.

Call the Colorado Energy Resource Center at 719-591-0772.



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