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Get Heating Bill Help in Wisconsin and Find Assistance Programs

Wisconsin provides significant heating bill assistance. Over 100,000 Wisconsin households are helped annually with paying their heating bills. The Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) administers the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) as well as the Public Benefits Energy Assistance Program. In addition to providing help with heating bills and electric bill assistance, specialized services provided include:

  • Emergency heating bill and fuel assistance
  • Advice and counseling for energy conservation and energy budgets
  • Targeted outreach services to residents
  • Pro-active co payment plans
  • Emergency furnace and appliance repair and replacement

Some of the assistance provided includes suspending both local and state sales taxes for LIHEAP eligible households for the costs of their home heating. Additional funds are directed to those households to relieve the costs of home heating. More on WHEAP




Focus On Energy
A public-private partnership offering energy information and energy related services to utility customers throughout Wisconsin. The program works to make energy efficiency improvements to homes. Any Wisconsin residents who gets their electricity or heating resource from a participating utility, and who also meet the income requirements, are eligible to participate in this aid program. Energy saving measures that are completed may include heating system update, insulation, sealing air leaks, or installing energy saving devices.

Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund (KWWF)
KWWF is a community based assistance program that was created to fill the need for energy assistance to low income families.

Weatherization assistance
This is a federal government funded program that will provide state residents with free upgrades to their homes that will help families save on average $500 per year on their energy bills. Learn more.

Customer Credit Program
Almost all utilities offer this program. Customers who are approved for WHEAP will automatically be entered into the Customer Credit Program. A heating bill credit will be applied to electric accounts.

Housing Cost Reduction Initiative Utility Payment Program. Wisconsin state funds are distributed for the payment of uncollectible utility bill arrearages. Assistance with bills is provided to households whose housing cost is more than about 35 percent of their total household income and if they have exhausted other sources of aid and assistance.

The Targeted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. This heating bill help program will assist Wisconsin residents with making numerous energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Wisconsin residents who receive their power from a participating utility company, and who also meet the income requirements, are eligible to participate in this program.





Jefferson Utilities. Offers programs including an Energy Assistance Program, Refrigerator Replacement Program, and also Home weatherization Program.

Menasha Utilities - The Project Share Fund can assist Wisconsin families facing emergency situations.

Alliant Energy and Madison Gas and Electric
Hometown Care Energy Fund
Customer donations will help keep lower income families with the ability to heat homes during the winter. Madison Gas will also provide help for other bills, such as medical emergencies.

River Falls Municipal Utilities
Helping Hand
This utility company matches the payment a customer makes on an utility or heating bill in order to help bring the account to a current, fully paid status.


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