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Unfortunately, Vermont is currently the only northern state that does not have a state heating or utility bill assistance program. So Vermont is not doing as much as it should be doing in helping citizens afford the electricity they need to stay warm, or cool their homes. Vermont's lowest income residents are stretched dangerously thin already, especially with the weak economy, and thousands of jobs already lost or in jeopardy of vanishing, Vermont residents are more at risk than ever of falling behind on heating bills or having their service turned off. Now is clearly the time to act to provide them help. A heating bill assistance program has been proposed. Here is how the proposed assistance program would work. 

Qualified Vermont residents would receive two types of benefits  for utility and heating bills. The first being a one-time forgiveness of previous overdue electric and heating bills. the second component is a 25 percent reduction of their monthly bills going forward.

In order to get this help and keep eligibility in the program, each family or individual that participates must also agree accept free or low-cost weatherization measures, which is a good thing as it will reduce future energy bills in their homes. They also must agree to participate in all the energy conservation programs that are available to them. The proposed aid program, like that of many other states throughout the nation, will be funded by a modest monthly charge of $1 per meter for residential customers, a $100 per meter monthly charge for industrial customers, and a $3 per meter charge for commercial customers.

What many people do not realize is that we are already paying for the hidden costs of disconnection’s to people who have their service disconnected through higher utility bills. We also pay for reconnections and unpaid bills. Being pro-active thru this proposed LIHEAP program will lower those costs as more families are able to pay their energy and heating bills on time.







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