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Utah Questar Gas heating assistance

There are four primary programs that can provide heating bill help to Questar Gas customers in Utah. Each has its own conditions, application process, and amount of aid that can be provided. Get more details below on the Residential Energy Assistance through Community Help (R.E.A.C.H.), Home Energy Assistance Target Program (H.E.A.T.), Weatherization, and Catholic Community Services. Call Quester at 801-324-5111 to get information on various options and ways to get help with heating and gas bills.

Catholic Community Services can help Questar Gas customers in Utah. A program runs from November to March of each year, and funds can help low income qualified families and individuals pay their monthly utility and heating bills. The customers utilities must be disconnected, and the customer who is applying for help must also have applied for the HEAT program first, during the HEAT season, and only then may they be eligible for assistance from Catholic Community Services.

HEAT is partially funded by the federal government as well as the state of Utah. It also runs from the late fall up through the early spring. Funds can help people on the verge of poverty or low income customers pay their monthly utility and heating bills. Funding is limited. To learn more or apply for HEAT in Utah, call your local Department of Human Services and request an application to the heating bill assistance program.

Weatherization is run by your local HEAT office. This option is an energy conservation/reduction program that was really created to help qualified low-income applicants save hundreds of dollars on their heating bill by making their homes more efficient. The Weatherization program is funded by the federal government and it is administered by the Utah Department of Community & Economic Development. Please contact your local HEAT office for more details or to apply. The income requirements for the program are very similar to other energy bill options.

Questar Gas of Utah Residential Energy Assistance through Community Help (R.E.A.C.H.) is administered by the Red Cross. Call them for more information or an application. Financial assistance is made available for low to moderate income individuals, and funds can help people pay their monthly utility, heating or gas bills. There are some criteria, including those that applicants to the program need to be at least 65 years old and/or handicapped or disabled. One big positive is that this is a year wide heating assistance programs. However applicants must have applied for REACH before applying for REACH.



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