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Customers of CenterPoint have several resources available to them. Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule (CWR) will protect residential customers who are unable to pay their heating and natural gas bills from having their service disconnected. It is illegal for a customer to have their service disconnected during the colder months that range from Oct. 15 through April 15. It is in effect each and every year. While the rule doesn’t prevent disconnection outside of that timeframe, it does provide qualified customers with extra protection and services during the coldest months of the Minnesota winter.

In addition, CenterPoint Energy also offers its customers a Gas Affordability Program, which helps qualified customers pay past due balances on their heating bills and to also lower their monthly gas bills. To qualify for help from this program, customers must have an active federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program guarantee, or they must have received a grant for paying their heating bills for the current heating season.

If an individual is accepted into the program, customers can receive credits on their monthly natural gas bill which will in effect lower them. Also, CenterPoint Energy will not disconnect participating customers’ natural gas service during the program year if customers make predetermined payments on their bills.

Another program that people can turn to is known as HeatShare. This is a voluntary, non-governmental assistance program of The Salvation Army that has been in existence since 1982. Financial Support and cash grants are provided by donations from gas and utility companies such as CenterPoint Energy, and donations are also provided by their customers and employees, who voluntarily contribute through their monthly utility bills or by one-time donations sent to The Salvation Army. The donations that are sent to the HeatShare program will go directly for offering heating bill assistance in your local Minnesota community.




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