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Connecticut Help with Heating Bills

While it may seem very unusual to think about heating bills this time of year, with the flowers blooming, the truth is you need to be thinking about paying for your heating bills now, even in the middle of spring. If you and your family need help paying for heat at anytime, you have to take action now to prepare.

As a reminder to the deadline, the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), which provides heating bill assistance to low-income households in Connecticut, is now accepting applications for aid. The last day a family can apply for assistance is May 1, unless the household has received a utility or heating shutoff notice. In that case, the deadline to apply is May 15.

Program eligibility is based on household income, size, liquid assets, and family members. The maximum income for eligibility for the program is 150 percent of the federal poverty level (for example, $31,800). If you don't qualify for the CEAP program, you might be eligible for other assistance programs, such as the Contingency Heating Assistance Program, which covers households with limited or lower incomes as well, and even some more middle income situations. You may qualify if you have up to 60 percent of the median state income (for example, $56,293 for a family of four). And even if any state of Connecticut assistance programs, you still might still be eligible for help from a charitable organization, like Operation Fuel, which is a a statewide nonprofit group that also offers grants.

Operation Fuel is one of the few assistance programs located in the state that pays for utilities that don't relate [directly] to heating bills. The aid organization gives out a maximum of $500 for heating assistance and $250 for non-heating assistance, like an utility or gas bill.

Will direct cash grants are provided for heating assistance throughout the winter months, you need to apply and prepare now for those winter months.



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