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Heating Bill help from Maine Public Service

There are several different payment programs and plans offered by Maine Public Service that can help you keep your heating service from being disconnected. The plans include MPS Special Payment Arrangements, The PowerPACT Program, and MPS Payment Arrangements.

Information on MPS Special Payment Arrangements

The utility / gas company can set up payment arrangement plans to help meet the needs and financial situations of customers who may be behind on their heating bills. You should call Maine Public Service and ask about this plan, and “negotiate” a deal. Customers who are participating in this program will receive a written copy of their arrangements and terms of the deal. It is important to note that customers can pay less than the actual billing amount do on their heating bills during the winter and the difference, or shortfall, is made up in the summer.

MPS does their best to find solutions, and will always try to respond to the needs of our customers who needs help, and they will work with a customer who fails to make payments according to the written payment plan. Note that if you do not pay your heating bill on time after entering into a payment plan, they can send you a disconnection notice providing three business days to pay the overdue amount, or face disconnection.





Assistance from the PowerPACT Program

This is a heating bill payment assistance program offered by Maine Public Service that really provides incentive program for certain qualified customers. Who may qualify for help? It is really targeted at those customers who are on an ventilator or an Oxygen Pump for a minimum of eight hours a day, of a 24 hour period. If you fit into this category you will be given a credit on your monthly heating / electric bill. The reason for the credit is to help offset the full cost to operate such equipment by the customer.

Call Maine Public Service and ask about these or other programs.


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