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Minnesota HeatShare assistance program

The HeatShare program provides over $2 million per year to qualified individuals to help them pay their heating, gas, and overall energy bills. The HeatShare program is funded by donations from customers, non-profits, and local businesses. The program provides emergency help with paying utility and heating bills on a year-round basis to qualified customers.

The types of individuals who the program has helped in the past include customers who have experienced unexpected emergencies and crises, such as a job loss or medical emergency, and as a result of the emergency cannot pay for household gas and heating bills. In addition, seniors and the elderly with low household incomes and no alternate source of help can receive aid. Last, but not least, disabled individuals whose physical capabilities are currently limiting their ability to maintain income to adequately cover energy bills, and who can use some support. The program is in place all year round, so people can get help during the cold winter, or hot summer months.

Financial assistance from the Minnesota HeatShare program are used for paying for natural gas bills, heating oil, propane, wood, electricity and emergency furnace repairs and tune ups. Some of the other resources offered by the assistance program include energy conservation and education, budget counseling, access to Social Service Information & Referrals, Financial Assistance for paying bills, as well as Family Counseling.

The program has been in place for almost 30 years. The HeatShare program is a voluntary non governmental program of The Salvation Army and local individuals.

As indicated above, financial support that is used to fund the program is provided by donations from utility customers who made the decision to contribute through their monthly utility bills. In addition, some people have decided to send in a one time donations. Local businesses, charities, and other non-profits also contribute.

Dial 1800-842-7279 to learn more about the HeatShare program.





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