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Heating Bill Assistance and Help in Missouri

Low Income Home Energy Assistance in Missouri

Missouri has a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and it has two main components. They are the Energy Assistance/Regular Heating (EA) and the Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECIP).

The EA program was designed to provide financial assistance to Missourians to help paying heating bills. Help is provided during the months of October through March. Eligibility requirements for the EA assistance program are determined by many factors, including, but not limited to, income levels, available resources, responsibility for the payment of home heating costs, and also family size. If you are eligible for EA, you may also qualify for additional financial assistance through weatherization or ECIP services, which are also funded by LIHEAP.




The Missouri Weatherization Assistance Program

In toady’s day and age, home heating is a high cost expense, but it is a necessity. Some Missourians live in older homes, that may have inadequate, or even not have any insulation or efficient heating systems. The Missouri weatherization program is a long-term, effective response to these problems.

A home that has been weatherized through this assistance program can lower the average annual fuel consumption per house or apartment by up to 15 percent. This reduction is made up of lower electricity usage of about 13 percent and lower natural gas usage at 25 percent. Weatherization is a very cost-effective way to help lower income families with paying their heating bills. Most importantly, lasting energy-efficient improvements are installed permanently in your home, which will result in reduced heating and utility bills for many years to come. This energy saving measures will reduce the amount of assistance you need on your heating bills.

A utility bill and heating bill assistance program for low-income households, elderly and the disabled, and aid is also available for those, because of unexpected emergency or expenses, such as the loss of a job, or the birth or death in the family, find themselves unable to pay their bills. HeatShare will provide payments toward natural gas, electricity, propane, heating fuel oil or wood bills. Emergency grants may be available for emergency repairs to air conditioners, furnaces, hot water tanks and heaters and other energy related equipment or for repairs to broken doors and windows.

Missouri Public Service (MPS)
Low-income weatherization aid, which will help people lower their heating bills, is distributed to community action agencies.

Heat-Up St. Louis
Provides energy and heating bill assistance cash grants ranging from $100 to $600 to qualified applicants. Learn more.

Dollar Help- This is a nonprofit corporation in Missouri supported by Laclede Gas Company. This program provides private funds to the elderly, lower income, and also disabled households that will prevent the cutoff of the household's heat. Read more.





AmerenUE - AmerenUE provides funding to help families save energy and heat through weatherization services for its customers. Operation Weather Survival (OWS) and Dollar More are other programs that provides energy conservation techniques.

Atmos Energy - The program they have to help is called Sharing the Warmth, and it will help people pay their gas bills.

Boone County - Heat Energy and Light Program and Citizens Assisting Seniors and Handicapped provide help paying heating bills to qualified families.

Empire District Electric Company - Project Help assists senior citizens and handicapped persons with paying gas, electric, and propane bills, and also can help pay for energy saving methods. Locate additional assistance programs from Empire District.

Independence Power & Light Department Provides assistance in paying heating, electric, water or gas utility bills.

Jackson County Energy Assistance - Provides grants to help pay for natural gas, artificial or propane gas; heating oil, electricity, wood, coal or fuel oil or water.

Kansas Power & Light - The Dollar Aide aid program gives assistance for heating bills, electricity, and water as well.

Missouri Gas Energy
Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Extra Help are programs that will help Missouri residents with paying for energy bills, if they are struggling or have an emergency.

Community Services League
Offers assistance to Missouri residents so that they can make energy saving home improvements including adding weather stripping around doors and windows, adding additional insulation, etc.

Laclede Gas Company - The EnergySmart – Customer Education Program holds free workshops on energy conservation methods.

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