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Vermont Programs That Offer Help With Heating Bills

Fuel Assistance is a great way to get help with paying part of your home heating bills in Vermont. You may be eligible for heating assistance whether you:

  • Own or rent your home.
  • Have your heat included in its rent or pay for your heat directly.
  • Rent a room in someone else's home.
  • Live in a subsidized, public, or Section 8 housing and your rent payments include the cost of your heat.

The best way to determine if you are eligible for heating bill assistance is to apply.

If you have questions, call the Office of Home Heating Bill Fuel Assistance at  (802) 241-1165 or 1-800-479-6151. Automated information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




Other Energy and Heating Assistance Programs in Vermont

Energy Support
Green Mountain Power is now offering a new pilot program that was recently created called Energy Support. It was created to help low-income customers with their electric bills. This assistance program offers a 10 percent savings to customers whose income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty number. Eligibility will also factor in family size. Contact your local office to see if eligible (below)

Crisis Support in Vermont
Crisis Fuel Assistance helps Vermont residents who experience an emergency or crisis during the winter months. For example, say they get a shutoff notice from their utility company that would turn off their heat, if they run out of oil or fuel, or if they are very close to running out of fuel or oil and have no money to buy more fuel to heat their homes.

If you are eligible for help with paying heating bills, Crisis Fuel Assistance may help you by :

  • Purchasing the primary source of your heat such as kerosene, electricity, natural gas, propane, oil, or wood
  • Purchase electricity if that is required to run your heating system.
  • Have your furnace replaced or repaired.
  • Help you negotiate heating bill payment plans and they will work with your natural gas or electric company to prevent disconnection.

Contact your local office to see if eligible (below)

  • Central Vermont Community Action Council (CVCAC)
    Barre - 195 US RT 302, 1-800-639-1053 or (802) 479-1053
    Randolph - 35 Ayers Brook Road, 1-800-846-9506 or (802) 728-9506
    Morrisville - 197 Harrel Street, 1-800-639-8710 or (802) 888-7993
    Bradford - 22 Whistlestop Way, (802) 222-5419
    Chelsea - 2 Hillside Lane, (802) 685-3178
  • Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO)
    Burlington - 191 North Street, 1-800-287-7971, (802) 863-6248
    Middlebury - 700 Exchange Street, Suite 107, 1-800-639-2318 or (802) 388-2285
    St. Albans - 86 North Main St., 1-800-300-7392 or (802) 527-7392
  • BROC - Community Action in Southwestern Vermont
    Rutland - 60 Center Street, 1-800-717-BROC or (802) 775-0878
    Bennington - 332 Orchard Road, (802) 447-7515
  • Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA)
    Newport - 70 Main Street, (802) 334-7316
    St. Johnsbury -Lincoln Street Center, (802) 748-8997
    Canaan - 216 Gail Street, (802) 266-7134
    Island Pond - Mill Street, (802) 723-6245
  • Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA)
    Westminster - 91 Buck Drive, 1-800-464-9951 or (802) 722-4575
    Brattleboro - 28 Vernon Street, Suite 433, (802) 254-2795
    Springfield - 365 Summer Street, (802) 885-6153
    Hartford - 220 Holiday Drive, Suite 30,(802) 295-5215
    Windsor - Windsor Community Resource Center, (802) 674-2900 (Wednesdays only)
    Wilmington - Congregational Church on Main Street, (802) 464-7864 (first Tuesday of month, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm)





The WARMTH Support Program uses funds to help lower income families pay their heating bills and energy costs. WARMTH assistance funds are available when a family has used its supply of fuel or faces disconnection of utility services. The funds from this program are only available when an individual or family has not been able to find sufficient help through other aid channels. Read more on the WARMTH program.

General Assistance - Will provide emergency heating bill help to meet basic needs, including fuel and utilities.

Green Mountain Power - Ten percent discount on utility and heating bills for Vermont customers with a limited income. They also offer free weatherization services which can help lower heating bills.


Find additional resources in Vermont that can help with paying heating bills. More.


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