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Assistance from Empire District Electric Company.

Three main programs are offered by Empire District Electric Company to its customers. They include the Experimental Low-Income Program, Project Help, as well as Empire's Districts Action to Support the Elderly (EASE) program, all of which focus on heating and gas bills.

The Experimental Low-Income Program - This program can provide financial assistance with heating bills, but for now it is currently only available in Sedalia, Missouri. For more information about this new program and how it may be able to help, please contact the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency at 660-826-0804, and they advise you on the application process.

Project Help - This program is focused on the elderly and disabled. It is is an assistance program that was originally designed to help meet emergency energy-related expenses of the elderly and/or disabled residents and customers in Empire's gas service area. For many of the low income elderly and disabled  people, protection against extreme temperatures can be matter of life or death and it is critical to their survival.

At the end of the day, Project Help is a joint effort of the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency as well as the Empire District Electric Company. In addition, note that Project Help is totally funded through voluntary donations from customers and local businesses. As with many programs, various criteria need to be met. In order to be eligible for Project Help, applicants need to be be 55 years of age or older, they must be a customer of Empire District Gas, or they need to be disabled to the extent that they cannot economically self-sufficient. Last, but not least, they must have no other resources available such as aid from other government programs or local non-profits. The Missouri Valley Community Action Agency runs the program.

Empire District Electric Company Action to Support the Elderly (EASE) - This particular program was designed also for the elderly and disabled. Qualified applicants need to be elderly (age 60 and older) and handicapped. If you apply, and for customers who qualify for aid, utility deposits waived, late penalties are waived, due dates on heating and gas bills may be adjusted, and additional notification is also offered.




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