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New York's heating bill assistance program consists of two main components, which are emergency benefits and regular benefits.

LHEAP Regular Benefit Component

  • New York provides heating bill help and benefits to households that currently pay directly for heat or that make undesignated payments for heat in the form of their rent payments.
  • New York calculates the household benefits by using a point system. Points are giving based upon income, the percent of income spent on heating and energy, and also the presence of a vulnerable individual in the household. The point value for the upcoming program has been set at $60 per point. The minimum number of points a household can receive for assistance is two; the highest number of points a household can receive is nine.
  • Eligible households that pay directly pay their heating bills receive a benefit amount ranging from $120 to $540.
  • Eligible households that do not pay directly for their heat will receive a standard statewide benefit of between $40 to $50, depending on the homeowners income level.




LHEAP Crisis Benefits

  • For the crisis program, eligible households will receive emergency benefits based upon the type of emergency being experienced. The basic heating bill emergency benefits have been set as follows:


Household Size


3 or less

4 or more

PSC Heat Related Domestic (electric service required to operate heating equipment)



Natural Gas — Heat Only



Natural gas heat and electric assistance to operate heating equipment



PSC/Village of Greenport Electric Heat



Municipal Electric – Heat Related Domestic



Municipal Electric heat – Primary Heating Source



Non-utility heating fuel (oil, kerosene, propane, wood) Effective 2/11/08



Find out more information on LHEAP. Click here.

HeatSmartNY -
A recently created program to provide New Yorkers who are experiencing skyrocketing home heating costs with the assistance and tools they need to get help with bills and make it through this coming winter. This program includes a series of 630 statewide workshops that will provide consumers with easy, do-it-yourself tips to reduce  heating bills. the workshops will also include information about New York’s heating-related assistance programs that will help save on heating bills.





Dollar Energy Fund
Works to help lower income families, seniors on a fixed income, and those facing financial hardship afford heating bills, energy saving improvements, and other energy related assistance.

New York Energy $mart
Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assistance program
This will help reduces heating bill costs of both lower and moderate income households by providing affordable energy saving improvements to any families that are not eligible for the federally funded Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Free cash grants and subsidies of up to 50% of the project cost, up to a total of $5,000 per household, are available to both homeowners and renters.

Niagara Mohawk
Affordability Program
Participants in this assistance plan may receive energy saving services that include: refrigerator replacement, weatherization, waterbed mattress replacement, electric hot water tank, installation of energy efficient fluorescent fixtures, and/or clothes dryer fuel switch.

Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation
Heating Fund
This program is administered by the American Red Cross. The aid program/fund assists people who are not eligible for government assistance programs, such as the federal HEAP aid. They also offer a payment matching program, which they will match customer payments on heating bills.

National Fuel Gas
NFG provides a 40% discount rate to LIHEAP customers who are more than $300 in arrears on heating bills and who maintain current bill payments. Read more.

Citizens Energy
Oil Heat Program
Eligible New York families will receive free or heavily discounted heating oil to help them keep their homes warm during the winter months.

Consolidated Edison
Low-Income Plan
Keeps the price of residential service charge bills at pre-1996 level for customers on Direct Vendor within Public Assistance. This is also no fee charged for reconnection of heating or utility service if it is turned off for nonpayment for HEAP, Direct Vendor and SSI customers.

Arrears Avoidance Program
Low income families can receive a free $200 cash grant toward their heating bills provided they maintain a deferred payment agreement with specified obligations and terms.

EmPower New York
Cost-effective electric reduction measures are provided, and also ways to lower heating bills. Items such as insulation, and health and safety measures. Provided to customers who are not eligible for weatherization services.

National Grid and Consolidated Edison
EmPower New York
Electric saving measures, in particular lighting and refrigerator replacements, as well as other cost-effective home performance strategies such as additional insulation, are available. Find additional National Grid programs.

New York State Electricity and Gas
Power Partner Program
This program will help customers by lowering the monthly base service charge on natural gas bills of customers and it will help pay off any unpaid balance on accounts.

Matching Incentive Payment Program
Free cash grants of up to $600 will be available to eligible NYSEG residential customers who may be facing disconnection due to nonpayment of a heating bill. In addition, this program will completely match any extra payments the customers make toward past-due amounts, up to a total of $400.

Project Share
Helps customers in New York pay for energy or heating emergencies such as fuel oil bills, replacement or repairs to heating equipment, home weatherization and also water heater replacements.

Keyspan Energy
Residential Reduced Rate and OnTrack
Keyspan customers may be eligible for a discount on basic service, and they also provide education, and financial and energy education and management to low-income customers. The Neighborhood Heating Fund and Project Warmth are other heating bill assistance programs offered. Learn more.

Long Island Power Authority
Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP)
Provides numerous energy-saving devices that may include: insulation, weather-stripping, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs; efficient refrigerators; water heater insulating jackets (for electric water heaters, etc.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric
The Good Neighbor Fund
For families in New York facing a financial crisis, help is provided to pay energy bills.

Essex County
Last Stop Heating Assistance Program
Helps low and moderate-income families and individuals who are have trouble paying for their heating bills but don't meet the required income guidelines for the federal Home Energy Assistance Program.

National Fuel Gas Company
Neighbor for Neighbor Heat
Provides grants that help prevent disconnection of heating or utility service. Also, National Fuel provides a 40% discount rate on heating bills to LIHEAP customers who are $300 or more in arrears, as long as they maintain current bill payments.


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