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Iowa Heating Bill Help and Assistance Programs

There are multiple ways to get help and heating bill assistance programs in Iowa.

Aquila - Provides help for weatherization services, including ceiling, floor, and wall insulation; water heating measures (such as pipe wrap, water heater blankets, faucet aerators, and low-flow shower heads, and ); and also air infiltration measures.

MidAmerican Energy - Funding for lower income Iowan households is available. MidAmerican offers weatherization aid. MidAmerican's energy saving department, manages the assistance program and it distributes funds specifically earmarked for home improvements to lower income customer homes. In addition, HomeCheck
This is a free energy audit available for homes built before December 31, 1994. Improvements offered can also include installation of water heater blanket, pipe insulation to help save heat, low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads, waterbed mattress pad and even energy-efficient CFL light bulbs.

LIHEAP - The Iowa Bureau of Energy Assistance administers the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program , known as LIHEAP for short. This program can provide struggling and low income homeowners with grants to pay their heating bills. Continue.

An assistance program that is sponsored by the Des Moines Register that helps Iowans who need immediate financial assistance with paying bills, including heating bills, and if they are unable to receive help through other existing programs. More

Operation Round-Up - This is an assistance program offered by many gas and utility companies in Iowa, and it will help pay heating and utility bills. Contact your utility company.

Alliant Energy - Hometown Care Energy Fund is available, and recipients of grants from this fund include families struggling with medical problems or a job loss and older citizens on fixed incomes, as well as families who are still trying to pay off last winter's high heating bills

Aquila - Aquila Cares provides help paying heating bills to families in Iowa.

Atmos Energy - Sharing the Warmth grants help people pay their heating gas bills in Lee county.

Access Energy Cooperative, Butler County REC, Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative, East-Central Iowa REC, Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative, Prairie Energy Cooperative, Rideta Electric Cooperative, Inc., Southwest Service Iowa Cooperative, Northwest Rural Electric Cooperative - This is an assistance program and is funded by members. The aid is used help families in Iowa who are in need pay their winter heating bills and to also assist in weatherization of their homes.

Mid-American Energy Company - The I CARE assistance program will aid those who are recently lost a job, families and individuals who are living on fixed or low incomes, and it will assist a family who is facing a crisis by helping pay their heating bills or making their homes more energy efficient.

Harlan Municipal Utilities - Project Share helps those in need pay bills.



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