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Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program

The Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is program that is funded by the federal government that will help eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs and heating bills by providing a one-time cash grant. However, people may only receive this benefit once per year.

There are some conditions for this program, and in order to qualify for assistance, applicants must meet the following conditions.

  • People who apply need to demonstrate a recent history of making some type of payments toward purchase of the primary heating energy bills.
  • There must be an adult who lives at the address and this person must be personally responsible for paying for he heating costs incurred at the current residence, and the payments must be payable either to the landlord or to the fuel vendor.
  • The combined gross income (before deductions) of all people living at the applicants address may not exceed certain income limits.

The amount of assistance and cash grants provided will vary based upon some of the following factors, including household income, the type of heating fuel used (such as oil, propane, etc.), the number of people who live at the address, the type of dwelling, and the rates set by the gas and/or utility company.

In addition to the Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP), another option for struggling families is HeatShare. This is a heating bill assistance program that is run by the Salvation Army, and it provides payments toward both air conditioning and heating, and the funds provided from HeatShare can go towards paying electricity, propane, natural gas, wood bills, or fuel oil throughout Kansas. The Salvation Army also has a toll-free number where you can find out more information or to apply. Dial 1-800-336-4547 to learn more.

In addition, if you currently reside within Reno county the Salvation Army also offers what they call an Emergency Energy Fund. This fund is used to help people on a strictly emergency basis, and it carries a limitation of $100 of aid and it can only be accessed once every two years, so do not rely upon it. To find out more information on this emergency crisis fund, you can dial 1-620-669-0159 to learn more.



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