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LIHEAP Can Provide Assistance With Heating Bills

LIHEAP is a federally backed assistance program that is administered by individual states. Find out the specific assistance available at your state level, and other ways to get help with your heating bills. Continue with your state assistance programs.

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LIHEAP Details:
People who are given aid from the LIHEAP program come from lower income households and they are seeking assistance for their home energy and heating bills. The LIHEAP program has been running since 1982 and its primary purpose is: to help and assist low-income households or those experiencing a financial crisis that pay a high dollar amount and proportion of household income towards their home energy, primarily in meeting their immediate home energy needs. The programs priority is to provide to those with the greatest home energy needs, including those low income households that have a high energy burden and/or those homeowners with the presence of a vulnerable individual in the household, which includes a young child, disabled person, or a sick or frail older individual.

Some forms of assistance that are available to low income households through your State LIHEAP programs include, but are not limited to: emergency heating bill assistance if a household's home energy service is shut off or close to being shut off, financial help towards paying a household's heating or energy bill, and a wide range of other energy-related services that all states may choose to implement or offer, such as utility equipment repair, weatherization improvements, and utility or appliance replacement, budgeting advice and counseling and so forth.




LIHEAP also offers Crisis Grants. This is additional aid that is available for certain emergency situations including broken heating equipment or leaking heating lines that must be fixed or replaced for your heating system to work, termination of heating or utility service, lack of heating fuel, or an unpaid bill that will cause your service to be turned off. 



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