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Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills

Use these methods and tips to help lower your heating bills. Studies have shown that homeowners can save up to 30% on heating bills.

1) Turn down the hot water heater temperature to save on your heating bills. The water heater is the second highest energy using item in your apartment or home. If you lower the temperature of the water in the water heater to a range of 110-120 degrees, this will lower your energy use, and most studies and interviews of consumers show that there is not a noticeable difference to the person using the hot water. Another trick is to place insulation on the water heater as well as any exposed hot water pipes, as insulation will retain the heat. It is the same concept as insulation in your attic.

2) Be sure to caulk and seal holes, no matter how small, or tiny gaps in your exterior walls. These holes/issues can be around around telephone wires, sinks, exhaust fans, plumbing pipes, dryer  vents, bathtub drains, under countertops, and even around your fireplace. Look closely for all small holes, cracks, or crevices where air can escape. You can use caulking to seal the smaller gaps and holes and a cheap expanding foam for bigger holes. This trick will help with lowering heating bills and help you save up to 10  percent of your heating costs.

3) Be sure to close your wood stove or fireplace dampers when they are being used. The hot air in your home will go right up through an open chimney. If you leave the damper open, it is really the same thing as leaving a four foot wide window in your home wide open! Even if the damper is sealed or closed, if you can still observe or feel a draft, you should install a tight-fitting fireplace draft stopper or a fireplace door to plug in the fireplace to help with lowering heating bills.

4) Winterize your windows. If you cannot afford storm windows, simply just put a plastic coating or film on your windows. It costs only about $5 to cover three windows, but you will save much more than that. This will curb drafts and help you save heating and lower your bills. As a side benefit, it will keep windows from rattling in the wind.



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