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Help with Paying Heating Bills in Maine. Find Assistance programs.

If you can’t afford to pay for your heating bills, pay your utility bills, or if you would benefit from energy improvements such as a new heating system, new insulation, or energy efficient products and appliances, help is available using the Maine Housing assistance programs.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
The Maine Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (which is commonly called HEAP or LIHEAP) will provide help with paying heating bills to renters and homeowners for heating costs. The funds are distributed throughout the state of Maine by a dozen Community Action Assistance Programs. In many cases the aid is distributed directly to the fuel vendors. The help program is not intended to pay for someone’s entire heating costs, but rather to assist in providing help with paying the heating bills.




Low Income Assistance Program
Low Income Assistance Plans (LIAP) will help low income house owners as well as renters with their electric and utility bills. MaineHousing, by using Community Action Program agencies, will accept customer applications for LIAP as one part of the LIHEAP application process.

Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants
Gives low interest rate loans and cash grants to Maine low-income homeowners to improve, repair, and modernize their homes.

MaineHousing’s Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) and Weatherization Program provide assistance and help through grants to low income renters and homeowners that will help them improve home energy efficiency and also perform energy related repairs.

Appliance Replacement Program
The Appliance Replacement Program is designed to provide help to low-income households with reducing their heating and energy costs through the replacement of older refrigerators and other home appliances that are expensive to operate, inefficient and also they provide help with consumer education.





Home Energy Loan Program
The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) will provides very low interest rate loans to many Maine residents, even those of moderate income. The loans are used to help pay for and finance improvements to make their homes more energy efficient. Currently, eligible homeowners may borrow up to $30,000 at a low 3.95% interest rate.

Bangor Hydro Electric - Offers the Emergency Assistance Program and also provides additional savings to LIHEAP customers

Maine Public Service Co. - PowerPact program gives a credit to Maine families who keep current with their heating bill payments from November - March. Learn more on this and other assistance programs.

Maine Sea Coast Mission - Provides emergency assistance for heating bills, food, electricity, and other emergency heating bill circumstances for coastal and island communities from mid- to Downeast coastal Maine.


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