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Michigan State Emergency Relief (SER)

Michigan created the State Emergency Relief (SER) emergency assistance program in order to offer limited amounts of financial help for paying heating bills and to help people meet other needs. The program is focused on the low income in Michigan who are facing an emergency that threatens their health or safety. The SER program is quite extensive, qualified individuals can get help with home heating bills, electric and utility bills,  Relocation Assistance, Burial, and even Home Ownership Services.

Many of the income levels that need to be met are similar to what is needed for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Both the state of Michigan and federal government funds are used as part of the program and distributes funds to qualified individuals. It operates year round, and the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) administers aid.

An applicant must meet predefined low income levels, and they also must be able to provide they have am immediate need for emergency help, such as be running out of fuel oil, L.P. gas, wood and coal, or they need to have received a shutoff or heating disconnection notice for natural gas or electricity. Or the applicant must have been able to verify a need for an energy-related home repair of a home owned or being purchased.

The amount of financial help provided can be fairly significant. It can include up to $1500 as a payment for households which heat with deliverable fuel other than wood (fuel oil, propane, coal, etc.), a qualified family can received up to $850 for homes or apartments that heat with natural gas or wood., and get up to $850 if your heating is for an electric source.

In addition, the Michigan State Emergency Relief (SER) also can pay for home repairs. So get grants and cash to pay for energy-related home repair, and the homeowner can received up to the minimum amount of money that may be necessary necessary to maintain a decent, safe, warm dwelling home or apartment The lifetime maximum is $4,000 from the program, so use it wisely.  Exceptions may be granted for unique and unusual circumstances or crisis.

The SER program is administered by your local Count your Town of Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS), so call your local town government to apply.






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