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Find Help and Assistance With Heating Bills in Minnesota

The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program (EAP) helps residents with paying their home heating bills. Households with greatest need, including those with the lowest incomes and highest heating bill costs, will receive the most benefit.

Here are some of the details on the Minnesota assistance program.

  • Size of aid provided is based upon several factors, including income, household size, heating fuel type and energy usage
  • Households that have the lowest income as well as the highest fuel costs will receive the most assistance on their bills
  • The Minnesota Program is federally funded through U.S. Department of Human Services
  • Funds are also available for both renters or homeowners




Services provided include :

  • Aid is provided as a direct payment to the energy supplier
  • The assistance program will help educate consumers how to use home heating energy safely and efficiently
  • The program services as an advocate with human service providers and energy suppliers on behalf of state residents
  • Crisis help to deal with utility disconnections or necessary fuel deliveries is also available
  • You can also get help and assistance with emergency heating system repair or replacement

The Minnesota Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will provide state residents with energy conservation techniques that help help consumers save on heating bills. In addition, correcting health and safety hazards, as well as any potentially life-threatening conditions, is a top priority of this state assistance program.

Here are some of the details :

  • Both renters and homeowners that are income eligible for EAP program above are income eligible for WAP program as well
  • Those who are the top priority to get help are those households with at least one elderly or disabled household member, and customers with the highest heating bills are also top priority
  • The WAP program is also federally funded by the U.S. Department of Energy

Services available include :

  • Consumer education
  • Low cost or free energy audits to evaluate a home's energy usage. This can lead to ways to save on heating bills
  • Exterior wall as well as attic insulation
  • Air infiltration and bypass sealing
  • The program can also repair, test, and/or replace your home mechanical systems, such as a furnace, to help ensure efficiency and safety


Reach Out for Warmth (ROFW)
This aid program was established in 1992 by the Minnesota State Legislature. The Minnesota Department of Economic Security's Energy Program Unit manages this year-round emergency fuel fund in cooperation with over 40 local energy assistance agencies. ROFW agencies help provide people in need with emergency energy furnace repair and energy bill assistance.





CenterPoint Energy - Gas Affordability Program (GAP)
A pilot program will provide a monthly GAP Affordability Credit for Minnesota residents current natural gas charges and it will also provide a fixed monthly bill amount for the remaining months. CenterPoint Energy will credit the users account for current gas charges that are more than 6 percent of a customer’s annual household income. Read more, and find additional programs.

Minnesota Energy Resources
Lower income households may be able to receive a variety of weatherization measures to help save on bills, such as caulking, insulation, weatherstripping and also storm windows and doors.

Xcel Energy - Home Electric Savings Program
Offers appliance replacement as well as energy education.

Provides cash grants to those struggling in Minnesota help pay oil, natural gas, propane, wood, heating, and electricity bills, and to also help with emergency furnace repairs or replacement. Read more on the Minnesota HeatShare program.

Benco Electric Cooperative - Caring Members
Assist disabled, the elderly, or any families in need with paying their heating and energy bills.


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