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Missouri Dollar Help heating bill assistance program

Families in Missouri who have no other place to turn to for heating bill assistance may be able to get help from the Dollar Help program. The service area covered by Dollar Help includes St. Louis City and a total of nine counties that are located throughout Eastern Missouri, including Butler, St. Louis County, St. Charles, Franklin, St. Francois, Jefferson, Iron, Madison, and Ste. Genevieve Missouri.

The Dollar-Help assistance program was created to provide crisis and emergency assistance to those families and individuals in Missouri who have exhausted all avenues of public government energy assistance funds and still find themselves in need. The organization is a non-for profit that was created back in 1982.

Grants and financial aid from the Dollar-Help program are used to help pay the heating bills of the working poor, unemployed, elderly, poorest of the poor, and in general those who have exhausted all forms of public and private assistance. The grants will be used to pay the household’s primary heating source, whether it is fuel oil, natural gas, propane, or electricity. Dollar-Help’s winter heating program runs annually from November 1 to May 31.





The programs are managed and cash grants are distributed at the local level, and Dollar-Help grants are awarded on an as-needed basis to the needy by local social-service agencies, community action agencies and charities using Dollar-Help’s guidelines. Grants provided by the program can range as high as $700 per household under certain circumstances. However cash grants of up to $300 are normally provided in most cases. However, when a special medical, housing or financial crisis exists from the applicant, additional grants of up to $400 are available to provided additional support to the applicant. Grants are limited to one per household per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

The primary purpose of the program was to help struggling and low income families and older adults keep their heating utility service on year-round, and to try to have them avoid the trauma of disconnection due to inability to pay their heating bill.

To learn more about the Missouri Dollar Help program dial (314) 535-7607.




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