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Heating assistance from Neighbors Helping Neighbors in New Hampshire

Utility and energy companies across New Hampshire participate in the Neighbors Helping Neighbors heating bill and fuel assistance program. The service is administered by your local community action agency, and donations from customers, businesses, and residents across the state fund the program. The federal government LIHEAP program also coordinates with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program.

Funds are provided to people across the state as a last resort. This means that any applicants must have used all other resources, agencies and heating bill assistance programs available to them. So any applicants would need to have applied for LIHEAP, contacted their local charity organizations such as the Salvation Army, or worked with their local town government before applying for help. As indicated, donations fund the program. So if you have extra money in a certain month, feel free to contribute to the program by calling your local energy provider.

Each and every year many New Hampshire residents who have experienced a job loss, uninsured illness, medical emergency or other hardship are helped the Neighbors Helping Neighbors fuel assistance program. Most of the people who receive help don’t qualify for various other federal government or state funded energy assistance programs.

Community action agencies across the state work with the Public Service of New Hampshire to provide help to utility customers who experience some sort of unexpected emergency or financial hardship but are unable to qualify for other government-funded energy assistance programs. Grants and cash assistance are designed to prevent these customers who have experienced a crisis from having their utility or heating service disconnected because they are unable to pay their heating bills.

To apply for help, or to learn more, call your local community action agency. In addition to providing information on the Neighbors Helping Neighbors resource, must community action agencies can provide help to families in other ways. For example, they can oftentimes help people apply for energy conservation measures such as weatherization and other federal government heating bill programs including the (LIHEAP) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.





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