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Apply for HEAP in New York

The New York State low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) begins to accept applications in November of each year. HEAP is a federal government funded energy program that assists eligible households, primarily low to middle income, the elderly and disabled, with meeting their winter time heat related energy bills and provides them with heating bill assistance. The HEAP program issues heating benefits and cash grants to supplement a household's annual energy expenses. It also offers an emergency benefit for those households who are facing a heat related energy emergency. In addition to the cash grants for those components, HEAP also offers a furnace repair and/or replacement benefit for households with inefficient or inoperable heating equipment.

If you are a household that is currently enrolled in either Temporary Assistance or Food Stamps you will automatically receive a HEAP benefit if they are in an eligible living situation, and you do not need to apply in these cases.

In addition, if you are a family that received a HEAP benefit last year then you also do not need to apply in person. You can mail or bring their applications, along with proof of income, a copy of the current utility or heating bill, and verification of any other household changes to your local community action agency.

If you are a household that did not enroll in or receive a HEAP benefit in the previous HEAP season, you  can apply if and by:

Emergency HEAP benefits and grants are available to persons who are eligible for the HEAP program and have an energy-related emergency such as:

  • Your natural gas service or heat is off or it is scheduled to be shutoff by a utility company
  • Your electricity is necessary for your heating system to work and if your electricity is either shutoff or scheduled to be shut off
  • If you are currently out of or if you are in danger of running out of heating fuel, such as oil, propane, wood, or coal
  • If heating equipment is inoperable you may also be eligible

As mentioned above, the Furnace Repair and Replacement component of the New York HEAP program is available to help low and moderate income home owners replace or repair furnaces, boilers and other heating equipment. You may be eligible to replace or repair and components necessary to keep the home's primary heating source functional and keep the home warm.



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