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Information on NIPSCO assistance programs

Low and moderate income NIPSCO customers have several options when it comes to paying heating and gas bills with outstanding balances. Payment arrangements and other forms of assistance are available to help customers with their utility and heating bills.

First and foremost their is a law in place that prevents disconnection of a customers heating service. Between Dec. 1 and March 15 of each year, natural gas utilities in Indiana can’t disconnect service to customers enrolled in the state Energy Assistance Program who may be late on paying their home heating bills.

The Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement for NIPSCO says that communication is the key. It is very important that any customer, regardless of their income or their financial situation, call us with bill-payment trouble immediately so that NIPSCO and the customer have an opportunity to work together to find a solution, and to get the customer the assistance they need. Or they can work together to determine if the customer qualifies for any type of payment plan.





Among the assistance programs available that can help customers include:

Winter Warmth Program: This will provide qualifying customers with a cash grant of up to $450 in annual energy bill assistance. Eligibility for the program, and requirements include customers can only have an income level of up to 200 percent of the federal government poverty guidelines. Other people can be helped as well. In addition, other people who have been experiencing a short term financial hardship situation as determined by an administering Winter Warmth agency can apply for heating bill help. Over the past seven years, the Winter Warmth program has provided almost $26 million in assistance to more than 70,000 customers across Indiana.

Indiana State Energy Assistance Program: An option that provides qualifying families and individuals with heating bill and other crisis assistance options. The maximum amount a household can receive is $715 from this program, which includes a $200 crisis grant. There are some criteria that need to be met, including a household income must be at or below 150 percent of the federal government poverty level.

Gift of Warmth Fuel Fund: Offers help to eligible low and moderate income NIPSCO customers whose total household incomes are at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level. In addition the customer must have have received a disconnect notice for their service. If these conditions are met the person can receive heating bill assistance.

Township Trustees: A local administered program that provides customers with home heating bill assistance. Customers in Indiana are strongly encouraged to contact their local Township Trustee to see what help is available for them and their situation.

For more information about any of these resources and programs, call 1-800-4-NIPSCO (1-800-464-7726)


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