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Heating bill help from PECO LIHEAP

The federal government created the LIHEAP program, and funding is available that can help individuals and families pay heating bills. Universal Services is the organization that manages and oversees low-income assistance programs for PECO. It is very important that all customers know that help is available, and that they need to take advantage of that aid now before they fall too far behind on their bills.

Note that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has expanded the amount available for LIHEAP cash grants available to individuals and families in need to $1,100. Therefore LIHEAP recipients who have already received a cash grant this winter season will automatically receive an additional $100 which can be used to pay heating bills.

The amount of the grants provided will be based on total household size and income, type of fuel used and the exact county of residence in Pennsylvania. To be eligible for LIHEAP assistance in Pennsylvania, annual household income cannot exceed 150 percent of the Federal poverty income guidelines

For those people who do not take advantage of assistance programs and who do not pay their bills, service termination for seriously delinquent customers will begin on April 1. Shutting off utility or heating service is always any utility or gas companies last option. However, it does need to be done as in fairness to customers who do pay their bills, termination is sometimes the only way to ensure payment from those who have the ability to pay but who refuse to pay for whatever reason. Also, by terminating customers service who do in fact have the ability to pay their heating bills, PECO can better target and assist those customers who truly are struggling.

As with any financial issue or hardship that people ever face, the most important action a customer can take to avoid termination is to contact their gas or utility company immediately when they become aware that they will not be able to make their scheduled payment. The most options are available for customers before an account becomes seriously or chronically past due, and if you can early your chances of getting help are much higher. Customers who are potentially facing termination should call 1-888-480-1533 immediately for aid.

If you would like to learn more or apply for help, customers should call PECO's LIHEAP hotline at 1-800-34-HELP-4.



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