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Find Ways to Get Help with Heating Bills in Pennsylvania

Two of the main programs that help people in Pennsylvania pay their heating bills include the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) as well as Hardship Funds. Both programs are offered by all utility and gas companies throughout the state.

Hardship programs

Hardship funds, which are offered by all utility companies in Pennsylvania, provide grants and cash assistance to utility customers to help them pay their home heating and utility bills. Hardship funds, which all companies distribute, provide assistance and financial grants to customers who are not able to receive help from other government programs and who therefore fall through the cracks of other financial assistance programs. The hardship funds can also help those who still have a critical need for heating bill assistance after the other resources have been exhausted. The funds will make payments directly to companies for heating bills on behalf of eligible customers.





Customer Assistance Program

This option, which goes by the abbreviation of CAPs, can help individuals lower their monthly heating bills. CAP programs may also remove the amount you already owe on a delinquent bill. Please read below to find the contact information, as the different CAP names are shown beside the utility and/or gas company names below. The utility company will work with the customer who needs assistance to determine what the customer can pay on their heating bills verses the cost of energy used.

Allegheny Power (LIPURP) (800) 207-1250 
Duquesne (CAP)  (888) 393-7600 
Met-Ed (CAP) (800) 962-4848 
PECO (CAP Rate)  (800) 744-7040  (800) 34HELP4 (344-3574) 
Penelec (CAP) (800) 962-4848 
Penn Power (CAP)  (800) 720-3600 
PPL (OnTrack)  (800) 358-6623 
UGI-Electric (LISHP)  (800) 844-9276  (800) UGI-WARM (844-9276) 
Columbia (CAP) (800) 537-7431  (800) 272-2714 
Dominion Peoples (CA)  (800) 400-WARM (9276)  (800) 400-9276 (WARM) 
Equitable (CAP) (412) 395-3050 -Allegheny Co. (800) 654-6335 - Outside Allegheny Co.   (800) 644-8090
NFG (LIRA)  (800) 365-3234 
UGI Penn Natural Gas (CAP)  (800) 490-8605  (800) UGI-WARM (844-9276) 
PGW (CRP)  (215) 235-1000
UGI Central Penn Gas (CAP)  (800) 652-0550  (800) UGI-WARM (844-9276) 
TW Phillips (EHF)  (866) 276-4055 
UGI - Gas (LISHP)  (800) 844-9276  (800) UGI-WARM (844-9276) 


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