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Assistance from the Heat and Warmth Fund from the Salvation Army.

Local Salvation Army branches as well as community action agencies administer The Heat And Warmth Fund (THAW) in Michigan. The program provides people help with paying their heating bills. The organization is an independent Michigan non-profit agency that provides aid to struggling people, as well as to low-income families and individuals across Michigan. It provides applicants with emergency energy bill assistance and it will advocate on their behalf for long-term solutions to their energy issues.

The program runs each year. THAW assistance programs begin in January of each year and they operate as long as funding is available. Be sure to apply early for aid. Additionally, in November of each and every year, the Early Emergency component of the program will help people restore their utility service for qualified households before the cold winter season even begins.




Some of the criteria to be eligible for help include:

  • A customer must have a shutoff notice for their heating service (except seniors, age 62+ who are exempt from this requirement)
  • An immediate need for heating fuel or aid;
  • The applicants must have made a payment of at least $200 on the utility account in the past six months. The utility company may require some type of additional payments before THAW assistance is approved for the customer.
  • They must be a customer, and have proof of a residential utility account in own name at their primary residence in a THAW service area in Michigan;
  • The customer must have discussed their heating bill with their utility company;

Customers whose heating or utility service is turned off or who have received a utility company shut off notice, or who may have nearly depleted their heating fuel may apply for help from the Salvation Army Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) at any one of over 100 community agency sites that are located in 70 counties throughout both upper and lower Michigan. The applicant will be put in touch with trained counselors who will  interview the applicant, they will verify eligibility, and the counselor will also assist them by completing an online THAW application. As part of the help provided, THAW will pays the utility or fuel provider directly for the customers heating bills.

Call 1-800-866-THAW (8429) to learn more or how and where to apply.



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