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Help with heating bill from Unibank

This program was created back in 2000. Blackstone Valley residents as well as people serviced by the Worcester Community Action Council in Rhode Island want people and customers to know they can receive help for heating and fuel bills from the UniBank Fuel Assistance Fund.

It is widely agreed that families in the area should not have to choose between heating their homes during the cold winter months and feeding their families. The organization is pleased to play a part in assisting families and individuals in need in the Blackstone Valley area of Rhode Island who need assistance in meeting the ever increasing cost of winter fuel bills. The program has been a tremendous success to individuals in the community.

The UniBank Fuel Assistance Fund was intended to also help people who do not qualify for other assistance programs, such as LIHEAP. The fund creates a new opportunity for families and individuals to receive assistance for paying their bills. Guidelines and criteria put into place for this program are more flexible than federal government and state of Rhode Island fuel and heating assistance programs.

Both the Worcester Community Action Council as well as UniBank want to stress that emergency funds may be available to families and individuals who do not qualify under traditional income guidelines for government aid. Help is also made available to families who cannot afford the standard 100-gallon minimum delivery amount, or to those families who may have already reached their annual limit for fuel oil benefits. Emergency aid is also available to those families who may have already reached their annual limit for fuel oil benefits from various government programs.

Contact the Worcester Community Action Council, Inc. by calling 508-754- 1176 to learn more.



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