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In Utah, Find Help With Paying Heating Bills and Assistance in Utah

The Utah State Energy Assistance & Lifeline (SEAL) office includes various assistance programs including the HEAT, UTAP, HELP, and Utility Moratorium Protection (UMP) programs.

HEAT - Home Energy Assistance Target Program
This assistance program provides winter home heating assistance as well as year-round energy crisis intervention for eligible lower income households throughout Utah. This help program also provides money to the State Weatherization Program that will help weatherize homes and help to provide emergency replacement or repair of defunct furnaces or even air conditioning units. The HEAT motto is: A warm temperate home is as necessary and basic to the health and safety as is good medical care and nutrition. HEATing assistance is a wellness strategy.

HELP - The Home Electric Lifeline Program
In cooperation with Rocky Mountain Power, the program provides their HEAT-eligible customers with a monthly discount off their electric and heating bills.

UTAP - The Utah Telephone Assistance (Lifeline/Link-up) Program
This assistance program provides low-income households with substantial discounts for initial landline telephone installation and also savings on their monthly phone bills.

This will protect qualified households from having their heat from being shutoff during the winter.

The overall mission of the SEAL program is to both “identify and provide assistance to those who are truly vulnerable households. Which are those with the lowest-income and the highest heating costs, and it especially targets families with young children, the elderly, and the disabled. It provides them with reasonable warmth, safety, and health.

Questar Gas-
This utility company, which operates across the state of Utah, runs the Energy Assistance Fund (EAF). This particular program may be able to provides customers who are qualified for HEAT with a one time $37 credit on their monthly utility or heating bills. Find other Questar Gas assistance programs.

Utah Weatherization Program

This program will help lower income households, particularly those who have disabled or elderly members, reduce their energy consumption which will help them save on bills. This lessens the impact of utility costs on their limited household budgets and it will help stimulate self-sufficiency. The Utah Division of Housing and Community Development manages the Weatherization Assistance Program statewide through almost ten nonprofit and government agencies. All benefits are provided in the form of non-cash grants to eligible households which will help make energy-efficiency improvements to those homes. Households that participate in the program average nearly 35 percent in savings on their bills, which is almost $300 per year, after the completion of weatherization improvements.



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