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WARMTH assistance program. 

If you need help with paying for your heating bills, WARMTH is an emergency-based assistance program that helps people all across Virginia who are at risk of losing their heating service in their homes or apartments. Dial 1-800-287-7971 to apply.

Several energy companies contribute to the WARTH program, including Green Mountain Power, Burlington Electric Department, Vermont Gas Systems, Burlington and the state itself. The program was created in 1986, and since that time millions of dollars have been raised and distributed to customers across the state. The grants and funds from the program have been distributed to almost 50,000 40,000 families and individuals across the state who were experiencing some type of facing heating emergency or crisis. In addition, almost 40,000 households across the state received counseling and information that helped them avoid heating crises. The WARMTH program helped almost 3,000 Vermont households last year.

All sorts of people apply and receive aid from the program. Clients can from all walks of life. For example, seniors, working families, and single parents all have applied for and received aid. In addition, people who are having trouble making ends meet and other low income people apply for assistance. And the amount of people who are behind on their heating bills is staggering. This year they are seeing more people with very large heating bills. Many people are still trying to pay off last years bills at the same time they are today this years heating bill.

The program can provide funds up to three times per year. Money and grants provided to qualifying families and applicants can be used up to three times during the heating season, and up to $75 will be provided each time, depending on the amount of money that has been raised and that is currently in the fund. the amount of money giving to any household will also depend on their exact need. If people are eligible for other government assistance, then this program will not help. Funds are distributed when a Vermont household has exhausted its supply of fuel, can’t get other government help, or if they face disconnection of their heating or utility services. Grants from the WARMTH program are available only when an individual has not been able to find sufficient help through other channels, such as government support.

The Vermont WARMTH program will make the payments directly to the utility company or fuel dealer, and the money is often part of a repayment agreement and works with an annual budget of $100,000. Money and grants are available to those who qualify from the October period through May, and it is recommended that people apply early.





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