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In addition to what is noted below, all utility companies also offer a low-income weatherization program that will provide grants to homeowners for weather-stripping, insulation, and window replacement.

Seattle City Light

  • Discounted Rates for Disabled, Seniors, and Lower Income Customers Eligible customers can save 50% on water, electric, sewer and garbage bills.
  • Federal Energy Assistance Program If the main source of your heat is electricity, oil, or gas you need help paying your utility or heating bill during the winter season, you may qualify for assistance. In addition to financial assistance, this federally funded help program also offers budget counseling and energy education.
  • Emergency Low Income Assistance Seattle City Light customers can receive help and assistance of up to 50%, or $200 of their electric bill. You will be required to continue to make payment arrangements on any outstanding balance. This assistance program is limited to once every twelve months.
  • Project SHARE Project Share program is funded by customer donations. It will help pay up to $250 towards your electric bill. If more help or assistance is needed with your bills, you may qualify to receive up to an extra $250 in addition to the initial payment of $250. The maximum amount of assistance you can receive through Project SHARE is $500.


Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs (SNAP)

SNAP offers several assistance programs will will that help lower income households with expenses by paying a portion of their heating bills.

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    Every year, the federal government provides assistance and funds to help low-income households meet their heating needs.
  • Project Share Assistance
    Project Share is locally managed fuel program that is funded by donations from utility customers. It was established to help provide emergency heating and energy assistance to those consumers who are not eligible for, or who may have exhausted, all other energy assistance options.




Tacoma Public Utilities
Discount Rates are available for lower income customers.

  • 25 percent discount is available from Tacoma Water, Tacoma Power, Sewer Utility, and Solid Waste Utility, Surface Water Management and Wastewater Management
  • You can also save and get a discount on Click! Network cable television services.
  • Assistance and help for Heating Bills is available for customers who need help with paying heating bills This help is provided annually, starting in the fall. A heating or utility disconnection notice is not needed to apply for these funds. Residents may use these funds for help once per year. The funds are provided through the LIHEAP program.


Puget Sound Energy
They offer a Home Energy Lifeline Program (HELP) that is providing customers with millions of dollars to help people their winter heating bills. People can receive up to $2,000 is aid. Read more on the heating bill assistance from Puget Sound.






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